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No Quit Special on ESPN

Check out ESPN's adapted version of 'No Quit,' which was inspired by Tim O'Donnell's short film. Click here to view >

No Quit Original Video

No Quit Original Video

Watch the original 'No Quit' video that inspired the filming of "Finding My Dad's Memories." Click here to view >

Finding My Dad's Memories

This documentary film will chronicle my dad’s recovery from a traumatic brain injury. After an 8 day long coma and month long paraplegia it has become apparent that despite dramatic improvement, some brain function is still impaired, including the ability to access certain memories. My dad does not remember anything that happened in the home he lived in for over twenty years, or golfing, which he did regularly for fifty. This film will follow my dad’s return to these places he cannot remember. Alongside the narrative of my father’s recovery, will be an exploration into how memories are captured, stored, lost, and regained, focusing on episodic memory, which is the type of memory that was disrupted by my father’s brain injury. This film will address what it means to be a good father and struggle with a gambling addiction. It will deconstruct a parental figure from the perspective of a son. This film will also explore the universal theme of strength in the face of adversity by looking at the deep and unwavering bond of a family faced with tragic circumstances and the dedication of a father to recover for his wife and children.

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